Why & how we do it

Why we do it

Ebe BronsIn 2003, I read about an international aid worker who had been kidnapped abroad.

It got me thinking and I decided to investigate the safety of aid workers.

NGO’s are increasingly working in unstable and fragile countries. Crime, violence and accidents are never far away.

This makes it difficult for NGO’s to carry out their work safely. This results in less aid and support for beneficiaries in need.

At that time I worked as a lawyer at a bank. I decided to improve the safety and security of aid workers (and quit my job in the process).

In early 2004, the Centre for Safety and Development Foundation (CSD) was established. Our mission is:

We believe that professionals who are working for a better world deserve the very best safety and security preparation. It enables them to help others and to return home safely.

Since then, the CSD has developed into a leading institute that trains 1,300 people every year and helps dozens of organisations with advice and policy.

Our work assists more than 200 organisations across the world, NGOs, universities, and international organisations. We enable their employees to travel and work safely and securely.

``We believe that everyone has a right to safety and security``

What do we do?

CSD helps you to limit your safety and security risks and supports you with your Duty of Care.

We do this by training your employees and management, equipping them with increased confidence when they travel and the ability to handle a crisis.

We devise policy in order to embed safety and security in your organisation.

Our Security Advisors are also on hand to help you with any issues you face involving security and safety.

Working together

The world continues to change.

In partnership with NGOs, universities, and international organisations, we remain committed to making safe and secure work possible in risk areas, now and in the future.

Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with your organisation’s security.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ebe Brons
Director, Centre for Safety and Development

What makes us special

Hyper-realistic training

We believe in the power of real experience. This is why we make our simulations as realistic as possible, featuring numerous actors, real weapons, and a compelling story.

Instead of theoretical knowledge, you will remember how to effectively deal with a situation because you have been in this situation before.

Safe learning environment

Anyone can take part in our training. Your personal safety is our primary concern.

At all our training sessions, professionals are on hand to provide support and supervision.

If a trainee requires additional support because of personal circumstances, there will be time and space to accommodate this.

Highest quality

We want everyone to return home safely after travelling and working abroad.

This is why we aim to achieve the highest quality.

We have been awarded the score of 9.8 (out of 10) by CEDEO (Lloyds Register), an independent institute that conducts research on our quality, continuity and customer focus.

Security made simple

A comprehensive, practical, and realistic policy that everyone can understand.

This is how we embed safety and security in your organisation.

When that is in order, you can focus on your organisational objectives.

Meet our team members

Ebe Brons
Chief Operating Officer
Sandor van Dijk
Marketing & Analytics
Tijs Brugman
Financial Administrator
Kelvin Spronk
Relationship Manager
Elise Vonk
Logistics Officer
Anouk van Dijck
Logistics Officer
Margreet Hehamahua
Security Advisor
Henrico Kroek
Security Advisor
Han Pelster
Security Advisor
Johan de Jong
Office Manager
Sanne Hofhuis

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