Security Advice & Staffing

Security made simple

Does this sound familiar? Your organisation is worried about the security of your staff and projects abroad. You have to solve this duty of care problem. However, you lack the knowledge or experience to develop and maintain a solid security policy.

We can be of assistance to you. Our experienced Shared Security Advisor can guide you in dealing with your security issues and make them simple. The advisor will develop and implement a compact and easy-to-use security policy for you.

To make it even more simple, we developed advisory packages which fit most organisations. You have a choice out of three packages (A, B or C). Please contact us to see which package fits your needs.

  • “Our partnership with CSD ensures we can fulfil our Duty of Care to the max”

We already have a security policy

If you already have a system in place, our advisor can assess it, improve it and keep it up to standard for you. That gives you the reassurance that your security is up to date and is managed by a professional.

We need security staffing or an advisor

Is your organisation looking for a security expert?

We offer staffing of our experts. We can even send a consultant at short notice.

Over the last few years our security advisors have travelled to countries, such as: South Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, DRC, Mali, Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Venezuela, to name a few, to carry out security consultancy projects and training.


What makes us special

Ensured Quality
Our consultants work with standards that ensure quality. You can rest asure that you will receive high quality, always.

Supporting you
You can expect high service from us. We want to lighten the security load for you.

We go where you go

We go wherever your mandate takes you to support your mission.

Acceptance approach
CSD understands that acceptance from communities is paramount. This approach is our starting point for security.


``For us, CSD is not a traditional supplier, our experience is one of an outstanding partnership. Thanks to CSD, all our staff set off on their travels fully trained. A real safety culture has also developed within the organization and we are already reaping the benefits of it.``

``When security and safety incidents occur, we experience a certain sense of calm and purposefulness. Of course, the tension rises, but we know how to remain effective and focus on solutions.”

``CSD is a great club, with committed staff. Personal contacts run smoothly and pleasantly.

Our organization can count on CSD as a regular point of contact, they deliver what they promise, are committed and have in-house experts in the field of Safety and Security.