Duty of Care for overseas travellers & expats

Duty of Care Abroad

From a duty of care perspective, you are required to make sure that your staff is well trained and certified for work and travel abroad.

Why is it important to keep security skills and knowledge up-to-date?

  • ‘Together we will make sure your expats and travellers are ready and certified to travel and work abroad.’

Making sure your staff is well prepared

As an employer you have limited oversight of your staff when they work and travel abroad.

When your colleagues are faced with insecurity they must be able to solve this problem themselves. A car accident, a robbery and other incidents do not give them time to reach back to the office.

They need to do something at that moment. Their behaviour and skills will make all the difference.

When your staff is well trained, they have a higher chance of coming out of a security situation unharmed.

That is why keeping up the skillset of your staff is important.

Taxi safety

How do I keep my staff security trained and certified?

To answer this question, we offer our Continuous Training Cycle.

The Cycle consists of a learning cycle to make sure the skills, knowledge and certification of your staff is up-to-date. Always.

In your own online portal you can monitor the status of your staff members, their certification and which courses they have signed up to.

You will also be actively informed by us if your staff needs a (refresher) course. The cycle will also allow you to prove that you have properly prepared your staff by showing a paper trail.

Together we will make sure your expats and travellers are ready and certified to travel and work abroad.


• Peace of mind that your staff is prepared for risks abroad
• Your staff is always security trained and certified
• CSD support for your HR department
• 24/7 access to the training portal
• Paper trail to prove that you have prepared your staff for security risks abroad