The quick scan is a short, anonymous and comprehensive security survey. The scan covers ten different areas. These ten areas are all relevant for the security management of your organisation. All topics do not necessarily have to be at a professional level. This depends on your mandate, the areas you are operating in and the risks you have identified for your organisation.

At the end of the survey you see the outcomes in a spider web diagram. Using this diagram, you gain insight in your organisations strong points, and the areas where improvement is required. The diagram has five levels: Professional, Advanced, Basic, Fragile and Poor. There are no wrong answers; this is not a test but a tool.

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  • A security policy is a short security document approved by the top management, setting out the organisations overall approach, principles and responsibilities in relation to the safety and security of the organisation and its staff. The policy sets out general rules and procedures for security management. Next to roles, responsibilities and principles, topics can include: code of conduct, security levels and protocols and security strategies.