Our courses receive high scores, because they bring unsafe situations to life, while being held in a controlled learning environment.

Real life simulations: Experiential Learning at its Best!

CSD just recently developed a cutting-edge Advanced Safety and Security (HEAT) Course that specifically prepares individuals for working in and travelling to high and extreme risk areas. This course makes use of real life simulations in order to prepare the participant for foreseeable threats that may happen in the field.

Upon completion of this course the participant will have gained the necessary skills needed to operate safely in these areas. Marcel van der Meulen, one of CSD’s trainers elaborates on the content of this course.

Advanced HEAT Hostile Environment Awareness Training

High Risk Areas

Do you want to be well prepared for (life) threatening scenariosAdvanced HEAT Hostile Environment Awareness Training that you may be confronted with when travelling to a high or extreme risk country?

Centre for Safety and Development (CSD)  has a state-of-the-art course that does just that! Our courses are on average rated 8.8 out of 10 by our participants. Our courses are scored so high, because they bring unsafe situations to life, while being held in a controlled learning environment.

According to Marcel van der Meulen, a CSD trainer, “By using real-life simulations, the participant’s behavior will be trained on how to respond in certain complex settings that may present themselves when travelling abroad.”


Influencing behaviour

What makes this course so unique is the fact that the participants are confronted with various scenarios in which they can practice different strategies that may be applicable in a scene. Hereafter, they will be able to reflect on how they dealt with each specific case individually and what influence this had on their behavior.

From this exercise, the participant will develop key behavior tools that are crucial when travelling to high and extreme risk areas. They will have the skills and knowledge to enhance their safety and security and that of their colleagues.

Experiential learning

Therefore, experiential learning is the core method in all CSD courses. Our talented team of trainers are experts in fields such as the administration of emergency medication in remote environments, advising on how to deal with aggression, and making informed decisions in extremely stressful situations in the field.

Our courses are based on the latest developments in this industry, worldwide benchmarked methods and supported by a storyline of real life events. With these qualities combined, Centre for Safety and Development courses are highly effective, valuable and essential for your international trips.