There he was, you colleague, with stories and a somewhat tired but happy face. He just returned from Kenya and did great work over there.

You wonder, did I know that he was abroad? You know the answer, you did not.

He just left because something had to be “fixed” and there was no time to follow procedure. To much paperwork and too slow. He went without consent.

Travel with consent

Does this story sound familiar? You are not alone. In many organisations, staff travel without consent of the organisation. And without the organisation even knowing where they are.

Which raises many duty of care questions. If you do not know where your staff is:

• You probably have not prepared them properly, for example the right training course.
• You have not briefed them on mitigating measures to make sure they have a low risk profile
• If they have not followed your security policy, your organisational liability goes up in case of an security incident
• You did not have an opportunity to assess if this is really a must-go situation.
• If they are in trouble, it would come as a surprise to you.
• They probably did not fill in their personal profile with emergency contacts and other information.


Removes bureaucratic paperwork for travellers

To assist organisations we developed the travelapp. This web based application:

  • Removes the bureaucratic paperwork for travellers.
  • Informs you of the risks.
  • Makes sure there is consent.
  • Gives you access to personal emergency information in case of an accident.

The app is under development and is in the test phase. If you are interested. Please contact us for more information.