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Duty of care

Academia is rapidly becoming more international. Students are living and working abroad, researchers are working in volatile areas and international universities are expanding their networks to non-western countries.

In this often unstable world, duty of care has become an increasingly important issue for academic and research institutes.

You are responsible for a community of students and employees moving around the world. Being able to control the risks affiliated with working abroad is crucial.

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How can you meet your duty of care requirements?

How can you meet your duty of care requirements while ensuring the academic freedom of your employees?

It starts with a security policy customized to fit your organization, your culture, and your people.

This policy must support and enable research and education, also in risk areas.

We will collaborate with you in developing a policy that will shed light on the risks involved, gives an outline of concrete measures, and deals with the management of these risks.

Researcher safety

Safe travelling and working abroad is a joint responsibility

The principle of the policy is that safe travelling and working abroad is a joint responsibility.

Safety and security are your prime responsibilities as a board member or manager.

However, when employees are working abroad monitoring in practice is difficult, and employees will have to take responsibility for themselves.

We will therefore train your staff to be able to meet that responsibility. Through practical workshops and training, your employees will learn the skills to deal with dangerous situations abroad.

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